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Poster: VA slim Date: Oct 3, 2005 6:08am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: GD 11/8/70 which one?

i find the portchester project version to be MUCH better personally. yes, a little more hiss, but a much fuller & complete sounding mix, i think owing to the location of the mic's. If i remeber correctly reading, it said for this source they were hanging from the balcony.
Irregardless, i spent a good amount of time comparing these sources a while back, and i was convinced the portchesterproject recording completely outshined the other sources, IMO.

If you're really trying to brave the "audience zone" , give the 4th disc of 11-6 a listen too. --and don't get scared off by the source on the first part of the show. it changes to a beteer source for the hot jams in the 4th disc. ALLIGATOR...MOUNtain JAM!!